Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Divide between Left and Right

There is a rather fundamental divide between conservatives and liberal, tory and left wing.
From my own unrepresentative but fully valid sampling called a life in business post education, I can summate it prettty simply:

the left are people who think about individuals and other social strata with interest, often either  empathy or a genuine concern and interest for their lives and culture. They are interested in helping them and protecting their interests.

The right are of course also interested in protecting other people's interests, but only those who are like themselves and only when they benefit directly themselves.

Conservatives do not want to understand new cultures or understand different life styles from the wasp-nuclear family.

They tend to either wonder why everyone can't bne like them: inhereting some capital by in large and being able to run or start a viable business; or the reverse if they have started for themselves, self-made, they are interested in how they stand over other people and exploit them.
So there is a fundamental egotistical, selfishness difference and life view point which is called by some the "reptilian sub brain predominance".

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