Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pico Blog : Market Education 2
further to my Pico not very tiny blog on headukayshun, It is amazing to find that it is not that we need more engineers in the UK, but rather there are
so few who give a damn about continuing in the career!!!
According to the Torygraph, there are less than 6% of graduates in relevant technical and engineering services going into
the manufacturing sector who need them most. The figures also show that other areas of industry where you presume they would
apply their skills to, are also shunned. So the country is spending millions and the 94% of graduates are loaning millions to support less than a very small town
worth of productive graduates: under 4000.
The market has to then stop being at "price parity" on what on-costs and training they will offer graduates or be even more proactive and
offer apprenticeships. It is actually the SME and medium-large, anonymous workplaces which are lacking recruits. High profile companies like Landrover, Williams, BAE,
Dyson etc have a flood of applicatants and are many times over subscribed with willing, relevantly qualified engineering and technical graduates.
You do have to ask on the one side, what range of graduates are pooled into this and if it excludes colleges and vocational training with a degree equivalent qualification. On the other hand
you then have to ask though, why the hell there are only 3700 odd punters rolling out into manufacturing when there is a need for many more.

What puts them off, especially women ?

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