Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Democratisation and Freedom to Hate

There seemed for a while to be progress towards a world with a decreasing level of hatred.

Now the democratisation of the arab world, anfd the fallm of communism has let the old hatreds spill ouit. The crap your mum and dad filled you up with.

The sad thing is that the intellectual vacuum of post-modernism has been filled by the sad old biggoted backwards supersticious religions which supressed the masses and caused wars since the dawn of society.

The world is full of  trailer trash and mid west sunday zombies who trust supersitition, traditional racism and sectarianism and preacher-propoganda infront of science, learning, openness and love.

I cannot hide my love for modernism in art, science, cultural renaissance, style and mainly the application of technology to collective good infront of individual trinkitisation and trivialisation. Like blogging.

Post modernism too comes to its end as the vacuum implodes to a new dark age for many countries where hatred based on religious and racist divisions take over the agenda from progress driven byn science and technology.

Milton Keynes, Oligarchy and the next War in Iran

Capitalism and the free market are even in question now as a fundamental topic not just on the centre right BBC but also the core its own disciples: davos.

The fact is that the free market and its funders aka confusingly to we mere mortals 'the markets' , do not plan. They are reactive and gamblers by nature. We all, and social democratuic governments in particula, have bet on these largely anarchic 'mechasims'.

We all have expected upwards growth graphs in income and we all have levered ourselves in debt without any more basis than hope and commitment.

Perhaps we will now have the corrector to the 'corrrection' and Keynsian economics. Or perhaps we will all become worse property slaves with the rich investing ever more in real estate to hold us all locked in the wage-debt trap with a gearing ever worse. That is the view of the oligarchs who still hold the balance of power in the usa and russia.

If mittens romney gets in then we will see the oligarchs drive forward a largely hypocritical economic policy. On the one hand they will drop taxes, mainly for thne rich, on the other they will both lift the ceiling on medical insurance costs paid for by national employees and of course the republican form of dictatorial socialism and state intervention: they will go to war with Iran.

So Oligarchy will run the place and you will have voted for them. Why not, they have paid for it.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Midi blogging

Sorry. My picoblogg is actually a flabby old midiblogg. So here is a picoblogg which you can retw. That is a nano retweet btw. O&O <3 frd

The PC dies

I was just thinking about my old computer i had in the mid eighties: the spoffy Acorn Electron. Soon it will not only be a museum piece, but unrecogisable in form and function.

According to intel's new strategy, this fate awaits the PC as we move towards always-on-line tablets, cloud computing and cybercommuting.

Microsoft stand to be the biggest losers imho becuase they have been fuelling the PC arms race:. Processing power soon gets eaten up by flabby windows. The intel-ms collaboration has though managed to surpass mac in bang for buck. Jobs n'co knew this and joined in the shaping of the next revolution.

It is ironic that bill gates seemed to have taken a very half hearted foray into tablet OS or rather GUI, and a lacklustre route through PDA CE. Perhaps they enjoyed gains in instrumentation and other professional markets, but now they are really going to have to play ketchup to PadMan and BLAndroid. CE was seriously dull.

So when PDAs were look warm, why are tablets so hot?  Well firstly because we are told they are hot. Pretty people have these shiny jewels. Secondly they have finally a fantastic touch interface. From X10 to iPad it is fun and intuitive to just pick up and use.

Also these are fairly light operating systems which have grown out of minimalism in processor power and onboard memory. That spartanness means people had to be creative; apps lend themselves to small, nimble companies not megalythic software giants.

I am a grand daddy of internet users now and remember fondly Eudora and Gofer. These were two original apps, light yet fully functional for basic comms needs and internet surfing when it wss itself a simple beast. Killer apps at your fingertips. Keep 'em coming.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Set Point Resources

Will the world be sustainable for we as a speicies ? Will we convert energy to global warming and destroy oursleves in the after quake?

What is the set point, say per continent? Or reverse, how many people can a continent support when we can all 'stand on Zanzibar' ?

One thing is pretty much penciled in on a big list of must happens, just when is thee questiion: we have to eat less land grown meat and more plant and to some extent sea grown protein.

But if the chemistry of the sea changes drasticlly due to global warming, or the new right manage to gain power and drop liberal environmental control then the seas may become less welcoming.

Global climate change means one thing over many others, even absolute delta temperature 1970 : 2050. It means chaos and that is not good for agriculture.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Winning Doves and Diving Hawks.

After the best part of a life time itt becomes easy to see the difference between capitalists and socialists, conservatives and liberals, right and left, lobbied out USA, corrupted 2nd and third while on the other side social democracies.

There is a simple set of differences between the right and the left. There is one over riding principle- Republicans and tories generally dont understand people who are not like them. 

They dont understand why someone who works 12 hours a day is poor. Infact many would hope they work for them! Why pay taxes for poor stupid people to become lazier instead of being motivated and simply getting rich and leaving a large inheretance for later generations to go Ivy League.

Poor people do not deserve healthcare if they cannot afford it.

Conserative means keeping that order and suppressing social mobility and distribution of wealth. Gross margin flows upwards, trickle down reaches only a short way back to the gardeners, restauranteurs, yacht builders and golf courses who employ a fraction of the number of people held in poverty and yuppie wage slavery on the middle side.

Socialists hate 'trickle up' which is the basis of modern capitalism. Social demcrats tame this raw capitalism by taxation and encouraging wealth to reinvest locally in higher value product businesses and exploit people in other countries instead.

Liberals think of other people's lives as steered by environment and they also see the individual's personal problems. The right see a persons worth: financially and politically.

At the end of the day the left are too kind and the right are too mean. The unstoppable force stops, the unmovable object moves.

Maggie Cameroon Bar

First europe, handbags at dawn on the Euro bail out ( quite rightly for London and the "city" at least) and now ther happens to be some nationalist idiots in Argentina who have been ranting about the Malvinas for some time......

Maggie did the right thing, and david camerooon can't quite pull off a ride on her rear end - she was originial, and would have lost the following election without these two national sabre ratling and wielding - investors and management were collapsing industry and social reform in cut backs were starting to hurt the country.

2012 will be the be the year the real effects of public service cut backs will be felt, and also demobilisation of many troops will deliver work hungry ex soldiers to a doldrum job market. Meanwhile bankers and banks still enjoy tax loopholes, bonuses and the ongoing benefit of bail outs from everyone elses pocket.

Time has come to tax the rich- we have all had it pretty good since 1995, now the rich have it too good and society needs a boost.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


What is progress ? Creationism as a science?  Interpreting Islam and the old testament as books of creating hate against non believers? I liked modernism. It had hope and planning. Post modernism has sound byte strategies and back door moral legislation.

Pico on Dogma

Dogma is a bad thing. That everything is privatised is dogmatic. The hope is that privatisation stimulates competition and arrests inflation in the public sector or that we move from being the tax payer to being  the consumer. Wellbeing and money shift from the workforce to the net margin for companies.  Waste in the those less motivated public employees out of many who are pretty effective, can maybe be compared to the wasteful process of tendering and tax administrating competing companies.  Here in also lies a problem. All this competition and uncertainty mean that companies give up. A dominant supplier wins out. A barrier to entr develops in experience, resources and motivation develop. The contract value grows by New entrants bidding with tenders which cover vetoing over the barrier and the incumbant supplier will already have moved their margins upwards. Inflation in public services and privatised utilities is often higher than general public sector inflation.

So we come to several outcomes. One a reasonably functioning market developes, and only the employees suffer poorer wages and conditions than they would have had as public sector employees. Two one player becomes dominant and there is a pressure to regulate them more or force a Market

more regulation. Bigger govenment. Thirdly charities start bidding for services and with no need for stock market profits and capital growth, they can pay people a living wage and have modest marketing costs in retendering. The capatilists are locked out and paternal social democracy wins over.