Thursday, 19 January 2012

Maggie Cameroon Bar

First europe, handbags at dawn on the Euro bail out ( quite rightly for London and the "city" at least) and now ther happens to be some nationalist idiots in Argentina who have been ranting about the Malvinas for some time......

Maggie did the right thing, and david camerooon can't quite pull off a ride on her rear end - she was originial, and would have lost the following election without these two national sabre ratling and wielding - investors and management were collapsing industry and social reform in cut backs were starting to hurt the country.

2012 will be the be the year the real effects of public service cut backs will be felt, and also demobilisation of many troops will deliver work hungry ex soldiers to a doldrum job market. Meanwhile bankers and banks still enjoy tax loopholes, bonuses and the ongoing benefit of bail outs from everyone elses pocket.

Time has come to tax the rich- we have all had it pretty good since 1995, now the rich have it too good and society needs a boost.

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