Monday, 23 January 2012

The PC dies

I was just thinking about my old computer i had in the mid eighties: the spoffy Acorn Electron. Soon it will not only be a museum piece, but unrecogisable in form and function.

According to intel's new strategy, this fate awaits the PC as we move towards always-on-line tablets, cloud computing and cybercommuting.

Microsoft stand to be the biggest losers imho becuase they have been fuelling the PC arms race:. Processing power soon gets eaten up by flabby windows. The intel-ms collaboration has though managed to surpass mac in bang for buck. Jobs n'co knew this and joined in the shaping of the next revolution.

It is ironic that bill gates seemed to have taken a very half hearted foray into tablet OS or rather GUI, and a lacklustre route through PDA CE. Perhaps they enjoyed gains in instrumentation and other professional markets, but now they are really going to have to play ketchup to PadMan and BLAndroid. CE was seriously dull.

So when PDAs were look warm, why are tablets so hot?  Well firstly because we are told they are hot. Pretty people have these shiny jewels. Secondly they have finally a fantastic touch interface. From X10 to iPad it is fun and intuitive to just pick up and use.

Also these are fairly light operating systems which have grown out of minimalism in processor power and onboard memory. That spartanness means people had to be creative; apps lend themselves to small, nimble companies not megalythic software giants.

I am a grand daddy of internet users now and remember fondly Eudora and Gofer. These were two original apps, light yet fully functional for basic comms needs and internet surfing when it wss itself a simple beast. Killer apps at your fingertips. Keep 'em coming.

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