Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Democratisation and Freedom to Hate

There seemed for a while to be progress towards a world with a decreasing level of hatred.

Now the democratisation of the arab world, anfd the fallm of communism has let the old hatreds spill ouit. The crap your mum and dad filled you up with.

The sad thing is that the intellectual vacuum of post-modernism has been filled by the sad old biggoted backwards supersticious religions which supressed the masses and caused wars since the dawn of society.

The world is full of  trailer trash and mid west sunday zombies who trust supersitition, traditional racism and sectarianism and preacher-propoganda infront of science, learning, openness and love.

I cannot hide my love for modernism in art, science, cultural renaissance, style and mainly the application of technology to collective good infront of individual trinkitisation and trivialisation. Like blogging.

Post modernism too comes to its end as the vacuum implodes to a new dark age for many countries where hatred based on religious and racist divisions take over the agenda from progress driven byn science and technology.

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