Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Milton Keynes, Oligarchy and the next War in Iran

Capitalism and the free market are even in question now as a fundamental topic not just on the centre right BBC but also the core its own disciples: davos.

The fact is that the free market and its funders aka confusingly to we mere mortals 'the markets' , do not plan. They are reactive and gamblers by nature. We all, and social democratuic governments in particula, have bet on these largely anarchic 'mechasims'.

We all have expected upwards growth graphs in income and we all have levered ourselves in debt without any more basis than hope and commitment.

Perhaps we will now have the corrector to the 'corrrection' and Keynsian economics. Or perhaps we will all become worse property slaves with the rich investing ever more in real estate to hold us all locked in the wage-debt trap with a gearing ever worse. That is the view of the oligarchs who still hold the balance of power in the usa and russia.

If mittens romney gets in then we will see the oligarchs drive forward a largely hypocritical economic policy. On the one hand they will drop taxes, mainly for thne rich, on the other they will both lift the ceiling on medical insurance costs paid for by national employees and of course the republican form of dictatorial socialism and state intervention: they will go to war with Iran.

So Oligarchy will run the place and you will have voted for them. Why not, they have paid for it.

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