Sunday, 22 January 2012

Set Point Resources

Will the world be sustainable for we as a speicies ? Will we convert energy to global warming and destroy oursleves in the after quake?

What is the set point, say per continent? Or reverse, how many people can a continent support when we can all 'stand on Zanzibar' ?

One thing is pretty much penciled in on a big list of must happens, just when is thee questiion: we have to eat less land grown meat and more plant and to some extent sea grown protein.

But if the chemistry of the sea changes drasticlly due to global warming, or the new right manage to gain power and drop liberal environmental control then the seas may become less welcoming.

Global climate change means one thing over many others, even absolute delta temperature 1970 : 2050. It means chaos and that is not good for agriculture.

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