Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Why save mother earth , she won't save us ?

I sit and wonder how hypocritical it is for a Norwegian to drive an eco friendly Electric car to work at an oil exploration or drilling equipment company.

It is actually pure economics: Golf sized el'cars will start to become the ordinaire second family car or budget car if the tax break on purchase and road toll stations continues. Oil is not going to get any cheaper.

We are thankfully past peak oil: this means several things, firstly the issue above, it is likely not to get any cheaper particularily with the situation in Iran and the continuing OPEC dominance outside that for some time to come. This means that the market drives alternatives.

So over time a combination of market mechanism and emission total CO2 legislation makes the precious material more a supply for plastics and bitumen rather than fuel.

 Reduction, recycling, replacement .

If global warming continues to be driven by India and China with the power resting in USA and Russia against the rest of the western world, then it won't be before the economic consequences of climate change hit home to the national budget and infrastructure of the national economies that these powers come to legislate much more than now.

So not until wall street is on a canal, the Shanghai docks are submerged and India starves half its population will the stream of greenhouse gases be tackled.

At the end of the day even after a nuclear war, mother nature will survive and recover by evolution. So we only try to protect the planet from a fate less serious than when photosynthetic plants spewed the then highly toxic oxygen by product out into the mostly CO2 atmosphere.  It is human kind who will not survive their own folly.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The generation above me seem to have rolled in on the wave of the 70s freedoms and high employment, few people at university into jobs and management. They inherited the businesses their parents formed post WWII. They got into the oil industry when it was turning up and taking a number. They got training on the job.

My generation hit the wall of unemployment and the middle classes waterloo caused by the upper working class when took bachelors and later masters degrees into commodity land.

The generation before me got apprenticeships and quick HND's and then became technically endowed enough to be my managers today.

But the generation after me, they learned a bit from our mistakes and got better, faster, harder educations with MBx and came up our lazy clever asses. We were the last lazy clevers.

After us everyone believed work came first in life.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This false modesty stuff here is really boring and is one reason Norwegians like to escape to their luxury cabins, ski appartments and 40 foot cruisers so they can actually gloat about how clever they are to earn heaps of money without working too hard.

They have to put up with all this understatement posturing at work so they let out steam in being asshole materialist show offs in their many holiday opportunities.