Thursday, 19 January 2012

Winning Doves and Diving Hawks.

After the best part of a life time itt becomes easy to see the difference between capitalists and socialists, conservatives and liberals, right and left, lobbied out USA, corrupted 2nd and third while on the other side social democracies.

There is a simple set of differences between the right and the left. There is one over riding principle- Republicans and tories generally dont understand people who are not like them. 

They dont understand why someone who works 12 hours a day is poor. Infact many would hope they work for them! Why pay taxes for poor stupid people to become lazier instead of being motivated and simply getting rich and leaving a large inheretance for later generations to go Ivy League.

Poor people do not deserve healthcare if they cannot afford it.

Conserative means keeping that order and suppressing social mobility and distribution of wealth. Gross margin flows upwards, trickle down reaches only a short way back to the gardeners, restauranteurs, yacht builders and golf courses who employ a fraction of the number of people held in poverty and yuppie wage slavery on the middle side.

Socialists hate 'trickle up' which is the basis of modern capitalism. Social demcrats tame this raw capitalism by taxation and encouraging wealth to reinvest locally in higher value product businesses and exploit people in other countries instead.

Liberals think of other people's lives as steered by environment and they also see the individual's personal problems. The right see a persons worth: financially and politically.

At the end of the day the left are too kind and the right are too mean. The unstoppable force stops, the unmovable object moves.

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