Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hitting the Highs and Lows in the Recession....

Telegraph Link- All time High Employment

This is an amazing fact and really a result of the changes in the economy brought about first by the Thatcher years and later by the successive Labour governments.

It is a testament both to the enterprise economy, the investment environment and the strong publically owned service sector in the UK. Also this fact confirms that both enterprise mechanisms are working healthily and that Keynsian cyclical money is holding value in the country. BBC Article about competitive firms finding growth areas

What is not happening is growth, but what is happening is that people are starting small businesses and being flexible in what they choose to do. There are less vacancies, especially for inexperienced people, but vacancies are filled by people with motivation to earn a crust.

Another factor is the post war baby boomers are starting to retire en masse, many of whom have had "with profits" and index linked pensions which are fuelling a keynsian bouyancy in the economy.

So this all confirms that a yin and yang economic system of public provision and free enterprise actually makes for a good deal of stability, wealth creation and improvement in standard of living. But we on the left who are also business people knew this all along!

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