Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Best Countries to Live in Will Not Be So For Long

It should come as a suprise to those who purport the free-market, rich-run-the-place-is-best dogma that the very best countries to live in on a global basis are all social democracies.

However those oligarchical fascists have these countries in their sights:

Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Finland, Denmark, W.Germany...

All the ones which top the list of quality of life and highest average standard of living.

Terrible shocking inefficiencies like permanent contracts and a fair wage are to be swept away in the next raft of privatisation and de-unionisation. Basically, there is a margin opportunity to be taken by private suppliers, who can then lock governments and consumers into private supply with above inflation price increases to offer higher stock market performance.

The Uk went a long time ago, Sweden and the Netherlands are creeping into being rich-poor societies run by an oligarchical lead beaurocracy who continue to tell everyone how good a total free market system will be, and how many more jobs can be created by taking away fair wages and permanent contracts. For now enough people have been able to use their tax breaks and new managerment positions to buy their chique appartments and BMW, but soon they too will start to be pressured into 12 hour days as for USA wage slaves and start to wonder what they have been fooled into.

Errosion of labour rights and de-unionisation is some how supposed to improve qaulity of provision and create more jobs. On average this is a lie: the economies described above all have high value labour laws and a prominence of cooperative trade unions.

Set some how we are all going to be so much better off with "flexible " labour laws and lower pay.

Most people sell their labour, and most people are soon to realise that the personal and societal costs of NOT having fair laabour laws are just another way that capitalism subsidises itself by use of government policy and subsidies.

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