Monday, 15 April 2013

The Party Political Broadcast Tomorrow, Including Silencing Big Ben, is Brought to you By the Right

Thatcher wanted to make a statement on her way out, and her advisers would have known the political capital to be had in a nationalistic, state funeral in all but title.

She is being extolled to the height of Winston Churchill, with Big Ben being silenced and the route being long and lined by service people drawn out of defending the country.

Like many of the long lasting ironies, this will be a state subsidised event, maybe costing the state about  the same it spends a week in one of the mining or steel communities devastated by her policies, or maybe just a few days of the housing benefit bill of a London borough, strapped by law to house people and while starved of council housing, has funnily enough masses of money to subsidise often rich landlords with poor quality accommodation

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