Saturday, 27 April 2013

The End of The Post-Democratic-Era

It became very trendy amongst the opinion leading dissafectionists in the Blair-Clinton era that we lived in a post democratic era. Their point being that Despite there being liberal leadership, the world had moved away from democratic influence to a global conspiracy of capital and the illuminatae.

I see that this view point was both vindicated by the subsequent  GW Bush administration's history, but also the apathetic view point of inevitability and all that, is now reversed.

That democracy had become even more of a media-surface for meta-politics under the GW Bush reign is something which is glaringly obvious. Unlike 1930s Germany, we aren't going to believe this vaneer any more.

We had indeed drifted into an era where "meta democracy" was more influencial than parliamentary, election sourced democracy. In other words, other institutions and influences were taken as more important in policy making, and in fact were able to direct policy making.  When I say "we drifted", we, the electorate allowed ourselves to drift into power being moved to capital and international federations or organisations. Much of influence and decision making went to the back door. This was far from a "drifting": this was very much directed in the interest of those organisations.

The most insidious wing of this all is the "small government" wing, who actually are funded by big meta-governance: corporates and the super-rich who want to steer the public away from the idea that electoral democracy can change anything.

My assumption now is that I have just an average level of intelligence, not by IQ testing, but by just how humans reason and propose and make opinions and actions which affect the world around us. The second is that the drift to anarchy in the stock markets and money markets was the symptom of their not being a big single nazi style reich of Davos super people trying to run the whole show in a Machiavellian way.

The wealthy and their wealth mongers, wanted more freedoms, and many of those were rightly so washing away years of tedious beaurocracy. However they created their own monster which is that with money on the table, people will lie and cheat when they see a way round the system and if there is NO system then people will only lie and cheat. Ipso Facto: Finance crisis soon to enter its sixth year.

My third assumption is really what is happening in the USA this last week, that people are in general common and decent and don't like meta democracy be it the Davos group or the National Rifle Association. As seen with the Five Star movement in Italy, people want democracy back and they want it to be different.

One aim of the big-meta-governance (corporates and super rich) lobby is to make enough of the population either (hopelessly) aspirational or apathetic:  to ensure that the ordinary joe and jane who would drift to liberal tendencies in the face of big-bad-capitalism as it used to be, that these ordinary joes are kept apathetic because parliamentary democracy is a castrated organ. To then ensure that the striver types and the bourgeois are then aspirational enough to believe that only their own efforts will better the world around them, and government is inherently bad news.

I believe we are now at a turning point: the best countries in the world to live in are all liberal countries, where even the right wing have to, or want to uphold values and rights for working people and the less fortunate in society. Democracy matters once again enough for it to be taken back.

I even have to admire wee Davey Cameron on this point: the Federal Europe of Brussels and back doors, needs to be re-examined. Politics also on the domestic front needs to make a change, although the scrooge tactics against ordinary people in periods of unemployment will back fire as they will now place probably over a million workers into that self same position by their other "austerity" policies: Also Davey Came'y did not like the attitudes of GW bush or Romney and said quite openly, tha Obama was someone he could work with: this because Obama at least respects the UK unlike Bush who saw it as "Airstrip One" , a poor country cousin state supplying troops and weapons and oil. 

Movements then as diverse as the Five-Star-Alliance to the UKIP then are all signs that people are taking democracy more seriously and want to grab back power before we have a descent into a fascist scramble for power from the elite, to fill the vacuous ideology of the never ending sunshine of the free market. If you let the free market run too free, it becomes anarchy.

Also what free market anyway? We get our gross margin made in China, which has a weird kind of command-capitalist-economy and a communist outlook on social planning. 

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