Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Cost of Managerialism in Public Services

"bring in a good dose of private management" was the mantra.

That and the marketism .

Wonder how much money is spent on creating wholly artificial markets within the health and welfare sectors and what decline in front line delivery this has lead to? No doubt managerialism either

1) finds some stats to show how successful they have actually NOT been
2) change the goal posts and find new challenges and use positive buzz words, to promote more reorganising, reporting, tender process dogmatism and above all, more non delivery management

The problem is that the core delivery expertise is lacking in management and this is by design.

By all means contract out ancilliary services: Accounting, goods purchasing, personnel administration and development, management best-practic-auditing, iso9000/9003 implementation, measurement of effectiveness and of course consultants to police the actual subcontractors in terms of bids, performance and claims. But retain the core management as people experienced at the delivery end.

Render these auxiliary support functions to the private free market where administration enjoys economies of scale, qaulity-best-practice and a legacy of expertise. There will be winners and losers, but washing these people out to contract will allow for the management focus to be with the professionals who choose to go forward to manage the public services.

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