Saturday, 13 April 2013

Critics of Thatcher Cast into Being Marxist Leninists! Nonsense!

To further perpetuate the 'cult of the Female Fuhrer', it seems any criticism of Maggie marks the opponent out as a supporter of the marxist unions of the later 70s in the Uk.

You could equally say that opponents of the Male Fuhrer, Hitler, were then all Bolshevik revolutionaries hell bent on the destruction of democracy.

The fact is that of course the Unions of the late 70s would have destroyed the British economy in the recession of 1980 to 1985, and brought the UK to the IMF in the same way as Greece, Spain, Portugal and more recently, Cyprus have had to doth cap and beg to the 'Fuhrer-land'.

In the end of course, Thatcher became a burden on the Tory party itself, with the cult of the leader going to far such that once the beast they had created and nurtured began to not make the right noises in 1989, and started talking in the Royal "We", then her critics became her cabinet and groups of back benchers. They ushered in the "non governance" of the 1990s with privatisation of the railways and power industries as their supposed successes that lead to super inflationary pet gargoyles which are grossly unpopular with most customers on or below average incomes.

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