Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What has the New Left left to Do?

What is there again now for the new left which is left for them to do?

Well the days of trying to tax the rich are pretty much over: in the UK and the USA they have bought enough of congress, senate and the U/L houses to be able to sway governance away from grabbing much if any money from them. Apple and Starbucks have become fully tax efficient- sorry evasive effective.

The left should as I have said before address two areas: family values and infrastructural planning and investment.

Family values, by legistlating for choice and fairness at work centred around quality of life with the family and extended family, and local community as we get our heads out of the ass of economic dreaming and debt slavery. Family values by providing health and education which is adequate if not with frills and certainly not  without rationing.

Infrastructural planning meets family in providing housing: 20 Bn a year on housing benefit would be better spent on building housing assocition and local authority social housing rather than subsidising Rachmans.

Also in education, planning once again schools with life times of 30 years which meet the digital age and the age of getting out of the arm chair. Specialist provision for  sports, special needs and gifted children in both cities and at school and class room level. Rewarding performance in school with streaming and high acheiver routes internally.

When I went to a large comprehensive, there was not a mediocre performance dragged down to the lowest common denominator.  My year and the years around all outperformed the private school average in terms of % university entrance.  Mediocrity only came due to the Thatcher and Major cut backs and dissaffection of teachers with the ironically "large government" beaurocracy emposed by them on schools. On the other side, far left socialists wanted to remove streaming and exclusion from intimidating subjects for the less able to focus on the three Rs and PE, seen then as a right wing approach.

Transport is the other big area, where we should both be pragmatic: that is in pandering neither to business and sprawling industrial parks, nor to the environmental lobby completely. Making public transport and electric cars an attractive option.

The thing to avoid is the wrath of the oligarchs, but also the seeping of everything to slavery and delivery of public money to them.

So this is what is left: a line in the sand to stop the errosion of a meritocracy over a bourgiose qausi oligarchy.

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