Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Time Travel In Your Own Life Time

Aldous Huxley once said that to travel is to discover that everyone is wrong. Travelling in your own life you often find out that you were always wrong despite it feeling so right at the time. That is experience, to metaphrase the saying that it is the quality you acquire at the exact moment AFTER  you most needed it: you could always do better with hindsight, you are always chasing your own tail, always something you aspire to but never achieve; experience leads to achievement once those experiences are beyond those of the average person.

In truth experience never really prepares you for the unexpected, nor does it prepare you for all the different type of people and counter-motivations you will endure and interact with in life. What experience does instantly equip you with is to handle that very situation you have gone through in a new, informed way. Encompassed by this then are all the related subordinate possibilities: the less challenging situations relating to  the experience should be covered by the learning.

To make some conclusion then: mediocre experiences which expose you to little risk and excitement engender you with mediocre capacity to be successful in life. Have rich experiences, seek out the new, push your boundaries, face your fears and in so doing be more fulfilled in life.....

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