Friday, 9 November 2012

Socialism - a reserve of the Rich in the USA

The biggie whopper the republicans can't avoid is that there has been socialism for the rich in the USA for many years: defence, space, private health bankrolled by public sector employees, making south Iraq part of Texas and then bailing the casino out after sub prime turned out to be a bit of a fib. Also a good deal of protectionism.

And all the time apart from the minumum wage jobs Mitt Romney rationalised when he was less of a nut, Republicans are more than happy to support resellers of Chinese products with helping their corporate taxes out to a global 2 %.

China was also voting this week, u8nlike the USA, it was party delegates weilding votes which are probably decided like super PAC blocks. All with the  the hammer and sickle flying high over "command capitalism" and variouos economic activities which have little to do with the western academic view of what free markets are about.

If they and their billionaire backers had used the 3 to 5 Bn usd on giving every black voter $200 - a rough equivalent spend - then they may have got further.         

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