Monday, 12 November 2012

Greece: Demos, Kratos, and the Misadventures of the Keiser and Adolf Hitler

Currently we have yet another democratically elected German Chancellor imposing their will on poorer countries. Angela Merkel follows in the shoes of Adolf Hitler in imposing poverty upon other countries, in particular Greece.

Here there are two lessons to be learnt from History, but over all it is ironic that this comes from the leadership of  a country  which made such huge political mistakes in the 1930s and which did not repay WWII reparations in any shade of proportionality to the dammage they caused.

The first lesson for Merkel is here: In fact western germany received rationed food and industrial expertise which restarted many of the great industries we know today, VW, BMW, Siemens, and pushed them to their higher successes in peaceful times. A country which had made huge political mistakes was helped out from a base of destruction across Europe. Also the entire recovery in Europe was based on what is now termed as "outdated socialist" intervention, planning, protectionism and subsidisation- Keynsian economics is proven to work in times of economic crises.

The next lesson dates back to WWI and the other-side of the coin: then Germany was forced to pay huge reparations which lead to a negative spiral in the economy and the rise of extremism. Extremism in Europe can be catalysed from small and even democratically elected sources, and align itself as a pact.
It is fundamentally hypocritical and against the lessons of history in forcing Greece into high interest loans to cover a risk which is due to the anarchy and willful lawlessness in global banking while partly due to political mistakes and corruption, allowed to continue by international banking authorities in the good times.

Instead of national socialism being the dogma applied to control of a federal Europe by a different democratically elected chancellor, it is the new belief in the market to solve all our problems and a pandering to worship the banking infrastructure which has delivered oligarchy through the mechanisms of anarchy- the free market with too much freedom. The same as the Nazi party with a mandate to rule. Dangerous dogmatic approaches to a Federalised europe.

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