Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Big Government or Big Corporate Big Morals

Today the USA has taken the second step away from big, intrusive, obstructive and opportunistic involvement of corporates in private life, and as a force which thinks it can buy out all democratic vehicles.

Government will now inch forward towards helping initiate and regulate health care for millions of Americans, currently reliant on the fortuities of public and charity health care. Provision will however be largely private, with opportunities for more "social enterprises" and mutual insurance / health companies, owned by private capital, the employees and mutually by the cusomter.

So what if the USA moves towards a model like Canada for this and is it not good that veterans who lost limbs, comrades in arms and some their minds, get government support after they are retired out the forces?

Does this dampen the entrepreneurial spirit or the will of the enourmously wealthy to invest on Wall Street ? Are 45 million private health beneficiaries suddenly locked in cells or waiting years for operations ?

The vision of trickle down and pandering ever more to the rich, and allowing coporates to influence every day life more intrusively, as embodified in Mitt Romney has been rejected by the USA.

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