Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why Brexity Dear God?

Brexit is just a lot of hassel for me personnally and also I can see that lots of people in business are going to hate all the administrative and customs/ quota related bull shit which will result when the EU has the boot on its foot as the larger of the two in this quarrell.

Brexit was not about our pucker fishermen and back bone famers - they only make 1-2% of GDP and including food processing, only about 5% of employment. It wasn't about becoming an offshore investor haven, because London is so entwined with EU investors that it will be subject to legislation anyway, and also of course as is happening, a chicken run to the continent. It wasn't about British manufacturing being hindered by those ISO EN's which even the Americans and Chinese are adopting. Nor was it about CE labelling, and the existing right for national sellers to use local country labelling anyway.

It was about " johnny foreigner taking our jobs and women". It was about the percieved threat of mainly mulsim and african migration. 

On the first , it offered the neo-new-right, a way of dressing up a market solution to solve low wages and unemployment, while avoiding any other legislation - the UK would still be a wonderful place to invest due to its weak labour laws and easily sacked, overtime free and otherwise exploited work force. On the second, the war in Syria will come to an end, and migrants form Somalia, Ethopia, Afganistan, Sudan and Eritrea will be sent back and blocked eventually from coming because those countries have large safe areas and the young men leaving ar just economic migrants in the vast majority, not persecuted sects or political assylum seekers.

The key question then is will controlling EU worker immigration actually be a market solution which will force up standards of living and training or will the net loss of flexibility and skill availability in the work market slow the economy enough that other "British jobs for Brits" will be lost? Is there in simple words, a net economic benefit from EU workers being migrant and seasonal or relocating to the UK or not?

What is actually in reality affecting those glorious UK manufacturing jobs and exports is China more than anything. A socialist dictator state which prints money to keep its' currency artifically low, and fiddles with various different rare metals and silicon chips. Command capitalism with party lead 'private companies' and the national banks investing in businesses and infrastructure like there is no tommorrow.

 In a word, a Tory hades, economic hell on earth, a dystopia for the Tory dream of free markets and supremacy based on the good old days of British endeavour. The balance of Trade with China will be negative for a long time. Salmon from Scotland, gets freighted by plane and filleted in China and shipped back fresh and frozen. In factories funded by 'socialist hand-outs'. Ooh, but the growth possibilities for those luxury goods the UK wants to sell ? Well the Chinese are very interested in buying up those brands and shifting production to their nation. And buying property. And land. All under pinned with the printed money that David Cameron was so keen to warn Jeremy Corbyn about on his first stand at the despatch box.

Trump bless his cotton socks, knows this. He sees China as the fools gold of western capitalism and as the major threat to the economies of the old west and the whole concept of free markets. Pity he's a lunatic.

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