Monday, 19 September 2016

Irony of Therese May Leading the EU to Solve the Refugee and Migrant Crisis

Ironically Therese May will now lead the campaign to shore up the flow of migrants. Which is in fact no more than for following the actual rules of the international convention on refugees- that they have the right to seek assylum in the first country they come to.

Furthermore the UK leads the way now on offering assylum to families with young children directly from camps, which is of high humanitarian value in the face of the alternative of illegal trafficing to seondary states and migration to perfered state of assylum. Further to this, is the consideration of safe areas in Afganistan, Somalia, Sudan amongst others countries, where single males of non persecuted ethnicity in particular, could be expected to relocate to  instead of migrating.

 A stage yet further would be to consider the status of Eritreans and Ethiopians in particular who are not political assylum seekers, rather fleeing poor economic possibilities.

These types of sensible actions coupled to a closure of borders and setting up of assylum centres on the periphery of the EU and in such as Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Lebanon are the way forward for the EU to show that they have control and are acting legally and decently. Merkel can no longer wish for 2 million new, cheap workers to make up for German women wanting to have careers and using contraception.

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