Monday, 2 September 2013

The Society We Live In

I live now in Norway, a society which is actually at a possible turning point towards the more conservative, racist, self centered view on life. I can understand, we have had problems with immigrants especially from islamic countries and criminals from eastern europe.

However the beyond the obvious lose points like assylum seekers getting free dentistry while pensioners don't, there is a possible change to greed and everyone wanting more than their fair share: ie a move to more like the conservative support in the UK. "I'm allright jack, and go do with some more!!"

What society has the UK and the US become? I feel the uk is ever more like the US with a growing obese drudge working class and an under class, while the only way to make any money is to be a legalised crook.

What example does the invasion of Iraq and the financial crisis set for citizens? These were quasi legal crimes, with elements of illegal actions from institutions which are supposed to be respected and seen as leaders in society.

Back in my old home town, a mixed old place of rich, poor and day trippers going down the seaside, there have been drug wars and there is an increasingly large number of skanky looking types in their twenties and thirties driving flash cars and doing steroids: ie drug dealing on the side of a normal job, or ducking and diving on the wrong side of the law, or just cheating to get bigger loans than most people on those incomes.

The left wing parties who strove for rights to weekends free, breaks at work, safe environment in the factory or office, 40 hour week, equal pay for women and so on, are now reduced to a side show with some once strong labour seats struggling with party membership in the tens and not even boasting 100 members for the constituency.

However it is inevitable that social strife, criminality and inequality lead to a rise in community movements and collective action. The conservative dream of everything being privatised and a small state is just what we had pre-war in the UK and other now EU countries- a large minority of society living in poverty like a third world country. During the war almost a third of the population in the UK eat a BETTER diet during rationing.

Britain has always been at its greatest during times of collective action: in war, in home defence and in rebuilding society.

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