Monday, 2 September 2013

The Puppeteers- Religion, Politics and Sex all in One Pico Rant

Pico rant time again:

I wonder how much the USA evangelical TV channels and media spend is compared to how much the "churches" actually give away in Christian Charity?

Why are we such terrible remote controllers, wanting to spread our message by word and not actions? The puppeteers, wanting to control the strings in religion, politics and sex but needing not to get involved in practicing what we preach?

I know that I spend right now more time blogging that doing anything for anyone in the wider community, but I feel very strongly associated to christian, egalitarian and very left wing views. Jesus was after all, a communist revolutionary.

The effort people make in influencing others by communication in the media or in the street rather than by action seems disproportionate and in fact at the root of the human condition- third reich and all in this one!

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