Friday, 10 January 2014

What Place the People's World?

The world of people is just a big pile of hypocrisy.

Take the UK: privatisation so good for everyone and so counter inflationary that you now have power companies charging pretty much what they think they can get away with and actively working against comparability in the market price tariffs.

USA: home of democracy, where the wealth built by disowning the native inhabitants and enslaving both Africans and many migrant workers has now turned the nation into an Oligarchy where everything is done to hinder  policy which was brought in democratically. A state which can invent a war to capture oil supply in Iraq but yet is not interesting in organising decent health care for a quarter of it's population. A president cannot be seen to be acting successfully unless it is in the interests of the Oligarch's own egos.

Most of all, Global Capitalism which is now completely reliant on growth in consumer markets and manufacturing capacity on a former communist enemy who still runs much of the country as a command economy and who probably interfere with raw material prices to favour production and their own interests.

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