Monday, 20 February 2012

The Post Democratic Era

Oligarchy means governance by the rich, for the rich. They have even paid good money to buy out "democracy- the brand name".

Let us face it, they are wiining hands down in the PR battle in democracies while ensuring new democratic countries are just oligarchies.

Look at the UK: you have to pay to sue your (rich, corrupt,criminal- all of the above) employer for unfair dismissal. The latest Tory oligarchisk wheeze in shifting the last remnants of power over to the rich and would be rich weasels.

The finance catastophe aka crisis, is a chance for the imbalances to be addressed. Also for capital to show if it is organised or just anarchic. Things may get uglier. Capital may take even more of your tax money and share of monopolistic amenities as an extension to this virtual taxation of the poor.

Or just maybe you will admit to yourself that you are an employee, never going to be rich and get politicised on the left.

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